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Melissa Ferrari

Melissa Ferrari is one of Australia’s most sought-after therapists with over 20 years’ experience in couples counselling and individual psychotherapy.

Melissa is regularly called upon as a relationship expert across national media, with regular spots on Channel Nine’s Today Show, Today Extra, Studio 10, with her expertise featured across all major newspaper mastheads, mainstream radio and leading online sites such as MamaMia!, where she is their resident relationship expert.

Melissa, best known for her engaging style, has dedicated her professional life to helping people fix their relationships, and does so with compassion, warmth and a non-judgmental style.

Her ability to identify and help people work through many of the key issues facing couples today has had a profound and transformative effect on many of her clients’ lives and Melissa invests deeply in those she works with.

Melissa has helped thousands of individuals and couples gain insight into their relationship problems, resolve ongoing conflict, re-create sexual connection and work towards maintaining and developing a loving relationship.

A highly skilled practitioner, passionate about her work as a clinical psychotherapist, Melissa is dedicated to providing long-term psychotherapy and self-analysis at the highest level possible.

Skip Sprankel

Skip Sprankel is Melissa’s husband and right-hand man with the business. Skip hails from the USA, where he worked for over 10 years on Radar Systems as an Electronics Technician at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC.


Skip brings a wealth of knowledge from his employment with NSW Department of Health and is used to working in high pressure environments, he does though enjoy the quieter version the role brings for him in working with Melissa.

Skip has also been heavily involved in SME businesses, developing all required IT needs, with these skills deployed through the business, with Skip having created all the internal systems and processes.

In addition, Skip manages all things administrative, accounting, digital, as well as supporting interactions with Melissa’s Public Relations team, for both traditional and online media.

Skip also edits and proofreads all of Melissa’s blogs, video/audio recordings and keeps Melissa’s many profiles updated online to different counselling/therapy groups she is networked to.

He also works with Melissa on the running of all Couple Retreats, ensuring they run smoothly from beginning to end.

In his spare time Skip assists with all aspects of Melissa’s day, including making sure she gets her lunch every day!

Skip is the guy who fixes things while Melissa scratches her head wondering what she would do without him, he is the glue in the business and most likely your first point of contact when you reach out to Melissa. He is always happy to answer any questions that you may have and you can email Skip at:


Randal Killip

Randal Killip, the Director of Profile For Media handles all of Melissa’s media engagement with both traditional and digital media, working closely with Melissa and Skip to create content to inform and educate the public on how they can have a safe, secure and connected relationship.

Randal has close to 20 years’ experience working with some of the largest global brands in the world, including the National Australia Bank, Telstra, Optus, Honda and Glencore, assisting them in measuring their media access across traditional to the new media.

He today dedicates his time to working with some of the nation’s leading experts, helping them to create media opportunities to take their expertise to the nation.

Randal loves his work with Melissa, someone whom he considers to be one of the finest experts in the country and the leading relationship expert in Australia.

Randal is open to all media requests for Melissa and can be contacted at


Kylie Dowling

Kylie Dowling leads the team at iPromo Social Media Management and handles all of Melissa’s social media including Linkedin, Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. Kylie works very closely with Melissa to create content that creates social media engagement by posting reliable, inspiring and encouraging posts about how to create relationships that thrive and information that helps people access the best mental health support available in Australia.

Kylie is highly experienced in content writing, the targeting of specific audiences, brand awareness and building businesses digital presence and audience on all social media platforms and websites.

Many business owners do not have the time or knowledge to tap into the power of social media. That's where social media management can help businesses grow. Kylie has a very diverse clientele throughout Australia, across all types of industries working closely with the client. Together choosing the best social platforms to promote their particular brand and tap into the businesses or individuals niche market.

If you have any suggestions for Kylie she is always happy to hear feedback or answer your questions


Angela Barrett

Angela Barrett is Melissa’s co-support therapist in all the insightful and inspirational couple’s weekend retreats Melissa and Skip run each year at a gorgeous boutique rural outer-Sydney location in the Hawkesbury Valley. Angela helps Melissa in all couple processes throughout the weekend and is there to be a listening ear to couples who may want to engage with her throughout the weekend.

Melissa chose Angela to assist her because of her delightful personality, warmth, ability to engage and incredible knowledge about all issues when it comes to love. Angela, principal of Relationship InSight, is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and a fully certified Calling In "The One"™  Coach and Conscious Uncoupling™ Coach.

She is a former health journalist, passionate about helping people learn how to create deep connection and safety in love relationships. Angela uses specific coaching processes that assist people to let go of baggage from the past and move into a healthy place in their relationship now and in the future.

Angela has studied interpersonal dynamics for 20 years and is passionate about helping people call in the greatest love of their life. She also specialises in helping people create more harmonious outcomes after a break-up.