Friday 24th October 2018

3.00pm – 5.00pm - Afternoon Tea session to explore aims and focus for each couple privately with an introduction from Melissa on what Secure Functioning in a relationship means.  

6.30pm – Dinner Feast in Private room at stunning Harvest Restaurant

Saturday 25th October 2018

Breakfast: 6.30 - 8.30a.m. in Gazebo Restaurant

9.00-9.15am – guided meditation & reflection

9.15am – 10.45am – group session one:

  • How love and the brain works

  • An overview of the importance of being able to read your partner and how it helps create connection

  • Understanding the nature of "resentments"

  • How attraction works in relationships

11.15am - 12.30pm - group session two:     

  • How to ‘find’ your partner

  • How to create your own ‘Couple Bubble’

  • Understand interlocking of the nervous system and it's role in keeping relationships safe

  • How to move toward secure-functioning with your partner

  • What are Languages of Love & Sex?


Lunch - Served in Samuel Marsden Room 

1.15pm – 6.00pm – free time and one-on-ones with Melissa

1.15pm – 2.15pm – couple 1, one-on-one counselling session with Melissa

2.20pm – 3.20pm – couple 2, one-on-one counselling session with Melissa

3.25pm – 4.25pm - couple 3, one-on-one counselling session with Melissa – 5.30pm - couple 4, one-on- one counselling session with Melissa

Dinner for two in gorgeous Harvest Restaurant - romantic dinner at the time that suits you both. 

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Sunday 26th October 2018

Breakfast: 6.30 - 8.30a.m. in Gazebo Restaurant

9.00am-9.15am – guided meditation & reflection

9.15am – 10.45 am - group session one:

  • How to form jointly satisfying and lasting agreements based on fairness and mutuality

  • How to use the power of persuasion and seduction to influence your partner

  • How to bring more aliveness, energy and negotiation to your relationship

11.15am - 12.30pm - group session two:

  • How to fight well together and stay engaged

  • Understand how you and your partner relate considering relational attachment styles

  • How to manage what comes in from the outside e.g family etc...

Lunch - Served in Samuel Marsden Room

2.00pm – 3.15pm - group session three:

  • Formulation of your understanding of your relationship and how you interact together particularly when disagreements arise

  • Integration of understanding your partners relationship style characteristics & how it impacts how you both manage closeness and distance

3.30pm - 4.15pm - group session four

  • Forming daily rituals to improve connection and regulate each other's nervous system

4.15pm – 4.45pm – Discuss re-entering the world

Retreat round-up with Goodbyes & Close

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