the core profile process


Do you ever think things like:

  • I feel invisible

  • Why can’t I find the one for me?

  • When is it my turn to succeed?

  • I can’t get things right!

  • Why do I sabotage moving forward?

Often, these are beliefs that you have developed to cope with what life has dished out to you, particularly in your young formative years as a child. The Core Profile process helps you understand and change these unhelpful “Core Beliefs” and remove them to become your true “authentic self” where you can feel aliveness and happiness in ways you may have never experienced.

Melissa is certified as a facilitator of the The Core Profile Process which is a therapeutic application of the Core Paradigm. Melissa trained in this in her very early days of training as a counsellor but she believes although some time ago, the approach has stood the test of time. Melissa continues to use it with her clients because it works. Melissa was certified in the Core Profile Process after a long process of “profiling” many people both individually and in groups who came to find their ‘gifts’, which is the experience and expression of the client’s natural and authentic self. The authentic self is when we are not using the automated self or unhelpful coping mechanisms for protection.

During this process participants (either individual, groups or couples) are asked to work through what triggers them in daily life – past and present – and causes them to respond in ways that don’t encourage our natural and vulnerable selves.

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After many years of studying different modalities this has been the process Melissa has come back to time and time again because it is very effective in helping people discover their true aliveness without coping mechanisms developed that just don’t work anymore. This process unveils their “unique self” and helps participants to operate from a place of calm, more ease and peace to get what they want from life.

The core profile is a model designed to identify and map the relationship between the “Authentic Self” and the “Auto Protector” Self. In today’s terms it would be called “True Self” and the “False Self”. The great psychoanalytic theorist D.W. Winnicott used the term “false self” to describe the defensive structure a young child creates when his or her mother or caregiver can’t respond to him or her with empathy and care. No parent or caregiver is perfect, but if this lack of empathic response is consistent, the child is forced to create a false self that meets the mothers or caregivers needs, not its own. The more the child comes to feel that his or her true self isn’t appreciated or cherished, the more the false self becomes dominant.


The authentic self is the part of us that is whole and complete. Just as we were on coming into the world.  Perfect, unique and special.  It is the unique expression of human potential that we are. Our authentic self gives expression to creativity, curiosity, accountability, innocence and productivity but is by no means limited to this. This part of me remains in tact despite life’s traumas. 

“Each of us is a unique and precious gift. It injures our spirit to forget that even for a moment.” - Anonymous



The auto protector self is the part of me that is protective, helpless, blaming, frightened, confused, anxious and depressed but once again not limited to this. It is the human expression of fight/flight mechanism. This mechanism may have been helpful to humans in the beginnings of time when life was fraught with danger, but in today’s society it is no longer helpful and in fact can be damaging to our growth and potential. This auto protector self is engaged in the face of a perceived threat, pain or injury – either physical or emotional – to my authentic self. It is driven by its need to protect me, to control situations and to be right.

This process was life changing for Melissa as she began to understand herself more intimately and why life was not going so great at the time. This process helped her become closer to others and find more love/connection in her life that she had always deeply craved. Melissa was accredited in this work by psychotherapist, good friend and mentor Cheryl Keyes. Cheryl was unique in her ability to teach and Melissa often describes her as a Master. Cheryl trained directly with Nikki Nemerouff, who for the many past decades has been a thought leader in the field of human development and created The Core Paradigm. He accredited Cheryl to train this work to therapists here in Australia and Cheryl expanded on this work that is now called The Core profile. Although Cheryl lives in many peoples’ hearts who she offered this work to she is no longer here on this earth we walk. Melissa describes how she will always remember the work herself and Cheryl did together so many years ago and also remembers the participants who also found this work transformational. Cheryl made her journey to becoming an accredited Core Profile Faciliator a priceless experience. Melissa often says it transformed her life!

“Melissa’s knowledge of human behaviour is vast. Her insights are truly amazing and her understanding is profound.”  - Cheryl Keyes, Psychotherapist, Core Profile Trainer and Psychosomatic Therapist

Melissa is offering in 2019 an eight week package for individuals only of 8 x 50-minute sessions at a cost of $1790.00 - Haberfield and Penrith. Included is a full workbook for future reference.

Included will be an enlightening process called “The Gift Ritual” which helps uncover your authentic purpose to assist you in finding direction to your true “inner path” for both work and relationships. Please apply here for this great offer! This can be offered online through Zoom sessions after one initial consultation in person with Melissa.

Melissa thoroughly enjoys presenting this work to individuals, couples and groups.

If you are interested in Melissa facilitating a group of 6 (minimum) in this process please don’t hesitate to email her. Group work is one of her favourite things!

Here is a testimonial from someone who experienced The Core Profile Process under the care of Melissa.