Important daily transition from work to home in relationships.

When you get home from work today do whatever it takes to help you change roles and leave work behind. Think now about what helps you get into partner and family mode.

Experts say that conscious thought needs to go into the process of leaving work behind so you can be fully with your family. Here are some suggestions:

 1.     Take a shower.  

2.      Change your clothes.

3.       Walk into the house from a different door to the one you left out of.

4.       Throw a ball around for a while, back and forth with a member of the family just chatting.

5.       Check emails soon as you get home then turn all electrical devices off till later.

6.       Embrace your partner fully (for at least 15 seconds) rather than just a quick “hello".

7.       Do a meditation as soon as you get home - even if only a short one.

Practice this often and notice what impact it has on family life. We need to train ourselves in these daily transitions, especially in a world that is moving so fast.

Melissa Ferrari - Psychotherapist

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