Accepting Responsibility in Marriage

Tips to Repairing Relationships  

Accept some responsibility: 

When it comes to conflicts in relationships fault rarely lies with one partner. Usually the conflict results from backward and forward exchanges that can feel repetitive. Not accepting responsibility as a participant is often what we call a “defense” that blocks the openness and shared responsibility happy and fulfilling relationship require. 

Defenses are often unconscious (or beyond our awareness) techniques we have developed to protect ourselves. Each and every one of us has different defenses and it is a natural part of being human. Unfortunately some of these don’t help us move forward particularly in problem solving and maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. 

Working on being able to acknowledge where we may have got it wrong and where we could have done things better goes a long way to promoting happiness in a relationship. It requires some self-awareness but that is achievable, particularly if you work together.

Melissa Ferrari - Psychotherapist

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