My Psychotherapy Experience


When I first met Melissa I was overwhelmed with anxiety, shame and lacking in self-confidence. My life felt like a never ending roller coaster that I didn't know how to get off and if things where ever going to get better. I came from an alcoholic family where chaos, drama and the unexpected were everyday life but Melissa's attentive style of psychotherapy has been a significant influence on my life.

Melissa actively and continuously listened to me struggle with relationships, anxiety and perfectionism which defined my life however she always had a striking ability and intuitiveness to know myself before I did. 

She challenged my opinions, thoughts and beliefs to help build my self-worth and confidence to trust myself to be able make decisions and set boundaries.

Melissa's style of psychotherapy is welcoming and safe where you feel supported in your ongoing journey however you also find yourself being confronted with your inner self to help promote growth to your ideal destination. She is highly objective and always asks questions for further clarification.

I would highly recommend Melissa as a psychotherapist to anyone who feels they are in a similar situation and is looking to find a happier self. She has changed my perspective and my life in so many ways and although I still have a long way to go I know Melissa is there with me every step of the way.

Client from Penrith