Why Choose An Intensive Couple Retreat?


In my years of working as a relationship therapist with couples from all over Australia, I have found that time and time again, many people sadly leave their relationship way before it is time to let go.

Often a couple may have tried therapy but given up after just a few sessions, feeling they are not getting anywhere.  Old issues continue to re-appear and they feel as though they are treading water.  Counselling appointments can be difficult to keep long term as family commitments and work can get in the way and then the whole process drags on. 

No wonder then either one person or both decide together that it’s time to give up and part ways.

Yet before you throw away your life together, there is another way.  An intensive one-on-one couple therapy program can get you back on track and clear away years of unresolved issues so you can re-connect with your partner once again and live the life you had always planned.

What is intensive therapy?

A couple works together with a skilled couple counsellor over consecutive days for around 5 hours per day. Key issues are addressed and discussed in an open and supportive way and plans are put in place to move forward together armed with fresh insights and new solutions.

5 Signs You Can Benefit from Intensive Couple Therapy

1.     Unresolved long-term resentments and deep-seated issues – whether it’s an unequal share of domestic duties, how you deal with money, how you parent or infidelity – every couple has issues.  Yet if these continue to interfere with your relationship and inhibit feelings of love and hinder effective communication, intensive therapy can help shift them so you can feel the safety and security we all crave with your partner.

2.    When you have tried therapy but it hasn’t worked – for some couples in crisis, whether short-term or long-term, regular therapy hasn’t worked.   An intensive couple therapy program is equivalent to many months of regular appointments.  It can quickly bring issues to the surface that have lurked, unresolved for years and fast track your relationship forward to a whole new phase – full of love, commitment and hope for the future.

3.      When you’re sick of fighting – fighting and not making up afterwards is exhausting and can eat away at the foundation of your relationship, creating constant unhappiness and misery.  If you fight regularly with your partner over the same issues time and time again and you are unable to find a way to fully make up afterwards, then intensive therapy can help you learn how to fight well so that you create a win-win and move on together, unscathed and intact.  Everybody fights but learning how to fight well is one of the key factors in a healthy, functioning relationship.


 4.      When intimacy has gone – sex and intimacy is one of the major issues that can cause relationships to fail.  You look back longingly to the days when you cuddled on the sofa, fell asleep curled up together in bed or enjoyed amazing, passionate love making.  Sometimes, there can be a mismatch of sexual desire, leaving one person longing and the other feeling rejected.  Sometimes power issues can also play out through the withholding of intimacy and physical closeness.  Raising issues around sex and intimacy with an experienced and supportive therapist who is experienced in dealing with sex issues in couples may be the best thing you can ever do to heal deep hurts and bring back the closeness in your marriage.

 5.         When life is hard – whether you are raising children together or are leading busy working lives, life and the daily running of it can sometimes just feel too hard.  Maybe one of you feels they are doing too much, the other not enough – whatever it is, daily life feels like a drudge and it just isn’t getting any easier.   Intensive therapy can help a couple get to the heart of the matter and put plans in place that can help you run your life better so there is room for joy, love and laughter once more – and after all – isn’t that what everybody wants and what we each and every one of us deserves.


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