Love, Attraction and How to Keep Passion Alive In Relationships.

In this interview I speak about love, attraction and how to keep passion alive. I spoke with Kayley Harris and Kate White from Weddings, Parties and Celebrations on one of my favourite radio stations 2GB.  

Here is what we discussed:   

  • Attraction and how it happens.  
  • The importance of the beginning phase of the relationships and pair bonding.
  • The brain and how it operates in relationship.
  • Misattunements and how it impacts a relationship.
  • The importance of repair in a relationship. 
  • How to create a culture of a two person system that works.
  • Fighting fair
  • The Couple Bubble by Dr. Stan Tatkin.
  • The importance of safety and security and how it helps relationships last.
  • Do opposites attract?
  • The impact of our history, particularly from childhood and how to understand it in relationships.
  • Tips for online daters and safety issues.
  • Dating TV shows.    
  • Men and counselling. 

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