Dating Online - Popular dating apps and what to remember for safety!

The world of online can bring some beautiful stories of marriage, blended families and love but the issues around safety are very important to consider as well. Here is an interview I did on The Today Show - Tuesday 5th July 2016. Lovely to be asked on the show to go through safety issues to consider when entering the world of online dating.

Here is a SAFETY CHECKLIST to consider when dating online and meeting potential dates:

  • Don't give out any personal information ever.
  • Tell a friend where you are going to meet a prospective date and give them the dates phone number. Information like this is crucial to police should something go wrong. 
  • Meet in public places, go out of your neighborhood.
  • Use a certain set of photos just for dating sites only. Don't use a photo professionally that can be googled on Google images and can then give exact locations of where you work. 
  • Don't let them know where you live on the first date.  
  • Never let a date meet you at home or pick you up from home no matter how sincere they seem. 
  • Never use the internet for online dating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Remember photos can be searched on Google images.   
  • Block anyone suspicious.
  • Take time to get to know someone before meeting but don't leave it weeks. 
  • Do a background check - google a date if you have enough details. 
  • Don't drink too much on the first date.
  • If you're uncomfortable, get up and leave.
  • A lot of spelling mistakes and bad grammar on a profile when someone has stated they are university educated may be a red flag.  

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