What makes me so certain about PACT - The Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy

I love being a couple therapist, and after 18 years, I am pretty confident I know what I’m doing—mostly. What I love about the work is the sense of honor I feel when a couple engage me in their process and I can help them create a better relationship. Each and every time I embark on that journey, I commit to it fully and I give it my all. It is such a privilege. 

In this article I wrote which appears on The PACT Institute Blog I talk about my journey to using PACT with the many couples I work with and why I believe it is one the most effective models for working with couples that I have experienced in over 18 years of working as a clinical psychotherapist.

The article is called The PACT Therapeutic Stance. Just click here and it will lead you straight to the article published on 13th June 2016. 



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