Secure The Knot - 2 Hour Pre-Marriage Seminar - Sydney

~Launch Your Life Together With Confidence ~

2 Hour Pre-Marriage Seminar Presented by Melissa Ferrari

Date:                  Saturday 27th August 2016 


Location:            Penrith RSL Club -  8 Tindale Street, Penrith 

Time:                  3.00pm to 5.00pm

Cost:                   $198.00 per couple 

In this seminar Melissa will talk about fundamental core concepts to assist newly married or engaged couples develop secure functioning principals of being in a relationship that will help your relationship thrive.

Topics that will be covered in this seminar are:   

  • Collaboration - We are in this together.
  • Security - How do we protect each other?
  • Justice and Fairness - Why it's  important to repair hurts.
  • Mutuality - What is good for me is good for you and it's impact on relationship success.
  • Understanding about the importance of values, ethics and shared principles in a two person psychological system.  

Registration: Email Melissa at - Put "Secure The Knot" in the subject line and Melissa will respond directly to you with details for payment options.  

Early Birds - $99.00 only - If you attend this weekends Penrith Bridal Expo at Panthers Exhibition Pavillion - Mulgoa Rd. Penrith. 

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Myself and my staff look forward to meeting you next Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June at the Penrith Bridal Expo. You will meet either myself, Skip or Sarah who will be happy to speak to you about services I offer such as workshops, couple therapy sessions using the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy and my up and coming "Secure The Knot" - Pre-Marriage Seminar in August at Penrith RSL Club. Purchase price for seminar at the Penrith Bridal Expo for two days only is $99.00 - 50% off the door price of $198.00 per couple! Eftpos, Credit Card and cash accepted.       

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For more tips and information about love, relationships and happiness visit my Facebook page Key To Love  for those looking to find a life partner and are looking for some coaching.  Love, Life, Relationships & Transformation is my other Facebook page for parents and those in relationships already who like some daily inspiration. Also information about couple therapy and how it can help your relationships. 

Melissa Ferrari is a Psychotherapist, Couple Therapist & Coach with over 18 years experience.

She is often interviewed as a Media Guest on radio/TV and has appeared on Triple J - The Hook Up, The Today Show, 2UE, 2GB - The Wellness Show, HinchLive, 90.9 Sea FM Gold Coast & Mix 94.5 Perth.

She co-hosts on radio with regular spots talking relationships/dating. She has been named one of the best 34 Bloggers across the world advocating for Mental Health and Wellness.

Melissa blogs for Datelicious, Fashion Weekly, Digital Romance and is often asked for commentary by Women's Agenda and The Glow Magazine. She is well known and often sought after for speaking, educating and helping singles/couples create relationships that thrive!