If your partner has had an affair, when is it time to move on?

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Many relationships can survive and thrive after someone has cheated, but usually only if both people work together to address the problems.

“Both in the couple need to understand how the cheating has affected both parties and create solutions to move forward. Professional help with an experienced couple therapist is highly recommended,” Melissa says.

“However, there are many instances where infidelity is a big indicator that the relationship needs to end. Signs that might tell you they’re not going to stop cheating or that it’s time to move on include your partner showing no signs of remorse or regret, there is no communication between you and you don’t feel connected to your partner anymore.”

While it might feel frightening to end the relationship, Melissa believes if you’ve tried therapy and are seeing all the warning signs, then it’s time for change.   

“If there’s an absence of love from both sides or even one in the couple, and one or both have no desire to seek therapy or work on the problems, then it might be time to move on.”

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