A Collection of Relationship Intimacy Tips from Professional Relationship Counsellors and Therapists

The big question, how do we create intimacy in relationships? With demands of a busy life, children, family and work keeping that connection takes some mindfulness and commitment. The good news is that sometimes something you do between you for a few short minutes or even seconds can make an impact that brings some wonderful results!  

Advice that is collective from a group of professionals that examine, research and study this kind of thing on a daily basis can be invaluable to making a difference to your intimacy and connection in relationship. A secure-functioning relationship can make a profound difference to how you function and see yourself in the world.  Fortunately Australia Counselling has put together an outstanding article with 60+ tips for relationship intimacy submitted by quality and experienced relationship therapists. Click here to find out their best tips for creating and sustaining your relationship intimacy.

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