Great To Be Named As A Best Blogger Advocating For Mental Health And Wellness

It was lovely to be informed by the way of a tweet on a quiet Tuesday afternoon last week by Clinton Power from Australia Counselling that I had been chosen amongst an esteemed group of fellow mental health bloggers and advocates  as no.16 of 34 chosen from across the world. I was more than excited and felt honoured to have my work recognized and particularly to be named with such a great group of professionals - The 34 Best Bloggers Who Advocate for Mental Health and Wellness. 

Once I settled from my excitement of being chosen I got to thinking about why I blog and why I started my Facebook page called Love, Life, Relationships & Transformation with over 7000 followers and later Key To Love. The reason is simple, after 18 years of being in private practice as a psychotherapist, counsellor and couple therapist working with over 1000 couples and individuals I have aspirations to one day write my own book about life, love and our collective journey's but at this time in life I am just not ready for such a commitment. I have always been sure though that I wanted to get some positive messages out to the world particularly in a world that I believe struggles with mental health issues, general happiness and issues around our own well-being/relationships. I began to blog and started my Facebook page because I realized the use of the internet had become a way of life for many, so I utilized it. I wanted to write in very simple form (which the beauty of the world of blogs provides) pieces about my own understanding and journey about life as well as my learning and first hand experience of people I work with on a daily basis. I wanted to pass them on in simple step form like most of my blogs are. I like to write in steps or points so the reader can get something to take with them instantly during daily experiences like a short trip on the train or a wait in a doctors surgery. Here is my latest blog - Seven Things to Help Get Your Relationship Back on Track.   

Fortunately in today's modern world we have access to information about mental-health, psychotherapy, the brain and attachment that we didn't have before. With greater understanding professionals like myself can put words into simple blogs, affirmations and inspirations that people can read and digest on a daily basis that can help lift awareness to some of the current issues we all face, particularly around relationships and connection. Most of my blogs and writing have an underlying message that with connection and mindfulness we can achieve good mental health and happiness, I believe as a society this is possible if we continue to search and teach what being in relationship with others truly means. To know what it truly means to understand the brain, our own nervous systems and the way we attach and how it can improve our own well-being and relationships. For me connection is key and for this I will continue to advocate for as I hold this belief close to my heart.

I feel incredibly blessed and honoured to be named as an advocate for mental health and wellness. I will continue to write my blogs to inspire and help others while I continue the journey to writing my own book with all the ideas and knowledge I have being integrated along the way. Thank you Australia Counselling for naming me as A Best Blogger Advocating For Mental Health And Wellness. It is so touching to be noticed in this way.   

For more tips and information about love, relationships and happiness visit my Facebook page Key To Love  for those looking to find a life partner and are looking for some coaching or Love, Life, Relationships & Transformation for parents and those in relationships already who like some daily inspiration and like to learn more about couple therapy and how it can help your relationships.