The Couple Bubble by Stan Tatkin

Partners can be helped immensely by having an "owners manual" for each other and their relationship. Part of that "owners manual" or being an "expert on your partner" can be created by using the principles in the Couple Bubble by Dr. Stan Tatkin. Stan explains it's like being in a "fox hole" together and having each others back consistently both privately and publicly. You can purchase Stan's book Wired For Love by clicking here. Chapter One superbly explains what it means to be in A Couple Bubble. 

This allows partners to keep each other safe and secure which is the foundation to intimacy in relationships. Here are the key elements:  

In this interview I speak with Mandy from Wake Up with Mandy - Radio West during Mental Health Week about simple exchanges in your relationship that contribute to good mental health and how a relationship can thrive with the right kind of care.    

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