An account of a participants experience in The Core Profile Process


I have profiled many people very successfully based on this style of therapeutic application called The Core Profile Process. Here is an account of a participant in this process. The experience has been life changing for her - Melissa Ferrari. 

My experience of the Core Profile Paradigm experience was the start of a deep journey into myself. It gave me the skills to accept responsibility for my life and my actions. I could no longer blame others for what was happening to me.

 After the initial workshop I continued in a weekly group which enabled me to work through issues that were arising by using the process. My life began to change dramatically and I was able to enter into studying counselling which is something that I would never have thought possible. The process showed me that I was operating from pain based behaviour and slowly began to live my life through my authentic self. I found my personal power and my inner struggle slowed down.

I found the Core Paradigm to be a complete modality; it gave me a map of my behaviour that was a result of the traumatic childhood I had experienced to how that was currently effecting my behaviour today. Working through the process I was able to heal the pain that I was carrying as a result of my past, and live in the current moment with peace and love.

It was during this time that I had the opportunity and privilege to meet Melissa Ferrari. Melissa contributed greatly to supporting the participants and I through the process. The support I received from Melissa was invaluable, Melissa lovingly supported me through my journey of self-discovery.  Melissa demonstrated a complete understanding of the Core Profile Paradigm. Melissa has been a pivotal person in the  success I experience in my life today. 

Anonymous (49 years old) 

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