"From the day we met Melissa she has helped us in our relationship in many ways and has helped me see my relationship of 25 years with my wife in a different light. e.g. how differently wired we are and how to manage these things. This was a great experience and I thank Melissa". - Attendee of Advanced Tools for Enlightened Couples Retreat, February 16th, 2018.   
"Melissa is very professional and respects confidentiality. Very well run and appreciate the help that we have received so far. Much more to learn".  -  Attendee of Advanced Tools for Enlightened Couples Retreat, February 16th, 2018.    
"I have taken away the strength & tools to create a stronger, more loving and kind relationship".  - Attendee of Advanced Tools for Enlightened Couples Retreat, February 16th, 2018.   


Melissa Ferrari is a leader in the field of couples therapy in Western Sydney. As a graduate of the same institute we share the same philosophy, standard of practice and values. As a clinician with 15 years experience she is highly skilled, ethical and talented and I not only refer clients to her, I highly recommend her to other therapists.


I have known Melissa Ferrari as a colleague and friend for nearly 15 years now and find her an ethical, sound, well informed therapist that gets results with her clients both individually and in couple therapy. Melissa stays abreast with modern day intervention and is consistently upgrading her clinical skills particularly with the newer understanding about neuroscience and regulation that has come more to light, over the last decade. An excellent clinician and I highly recommend her.
Meditation Leader, Trainer and Retired-Psychotherapist - Northern Beaches


I cannot speak highly enough about Melissa. Straight talking, but warm and present. I can always tell when another therapist has done their work and got it all together and I believe it is essential for the job. Melissa is highly committed to her work with couples, she knows what people want and need with insight and compassion. Its' a winning combination.


Melissa is a passionate & committed therapist. I highly recommend her. 
              Relationship Coach - Sydney


Melissa is the most devoted and passionate therapist I know. A beautiful lady inside & out, she is caring & amazingly educated, she keeps up with new modalities of working and I know will continue to educate herself - making herself a leading Sydney therapist. I love your daily posts, great inspiration and advice.
Entrepeneur - Penrith


Melissa actively and continuously listened to me struggle with relationships, anxiety and perfectionism which defined my life however she always had a striking ability and intuitiveness to know myself before I did. 

She challenged my opinions, thoughts and beliefs to help build my self-worth and confidence to trust myself to be able make decisions and set boundaries.

Melissa's style of psychotherapy is welcoming and safe where you feel supported in your ongoing journey however you also find yourself being confronted with your inner self to help promote growth to your ideal destination. She is highly objective and always asks questions for further clarification.
Professional - Penrith


    "Melissa's attentive style of psychotherapy has been a significant influence in my life."  
Professional - Penrith


"Melissa shows great empathy and listening skills and is also very intuitive in picking up what is not spoken. Melissa facilitates a safe and supportive environment where we were all able to process major issues in our lives. She can gently push but also knows when to allow space. Melissa is a true professional".
- Roger from Brisbane (Attendee at couple’s workshops with his partner).


"Melissa has taught us to better understand ourselves and what happens in our relationship. She has taught us ways to deal with issues that arise. She made a difficult process much easier and helped put thoughts into words. She made me feel comfortable at all times."
- Workshop attendee (43 years old) July 2014. Rate of 10/10 for my workshop experience. 


"Melissa's knowledge of human behaviour is vast. Her insight's are truly amazing and her understanding is profound." 
- Cheryl Keyes, Core Profile Trainer and Psychosomatic Therapist


"Melissa made the therapy process easy. She helped me verbalize what I needed to say. My wife and I understand each other now." Rating of 10/10 for my experience of workshop weekend. 
- Workshop attendee (43 years old) - July 2014. 


 With Melissa’s help this process has taught me how to stand up for myself in my personal and professional life. It has improved my relationships with my kids. My kids have mentioned I am calmer, more approachable and its opened up our lines of communication. My parents say ‘They have their daughter back. My relationship with myself has changed heaps; I learnt it’s ok to be me. 
- Core Profile Process Participant - 49 Years Old


In the 5 years seeing Melissa we as a couple have changed in so many ways!
Melissa has taught us skills to use in everyday life and she has helped us build our confidence, express ourselves towards each other and deal with arguments.
She made us feel so comfortable in her office that we would forget we were in counselling as it was just like talking to a friend.
- Married Couple (age early 40's) - Penrith


Melissa has a genuine and sincere connection with everyone I see her connect with, as well as, experiencing her true commitment for myself. I admire her integrity and she simply lights up every room with her warm smile and compassionate words. Melissa walks her talk, and yet is transparent in sharing her own challenges, so that others can learn from her experiences. Fabulous recognition in the media lately, and so well deserved. I feel privileged to be apart of her circle as well as benefit from her mentorship.
- NLP Therapist - Sydney


Melissa is a genuine, honest, caring , trust worthy, committed and passionate person who is devoted to her work. She is kind and warm hearted who knows how to connect with couples as individuals and as a union. She is amazing. Keep up the the great work Melissa
- Local Businesswoman - Penrith


Melissa's insight and high personal integrity are matched by her warmth and compassion. The recent recognition by the media is evidence of her rising star.Thank you Melissa for "being there"!
- Local Businesswoman - Penrith  


I know Melissa professionally and personally. Her years of experience give her incredible insight and an ability to see solutions and help create change in people's lives.
- Online Digital Marketing Strategist


I've know Melissa since 2004 and recommend her as a very passionate and committed Couples and Individual Psychotherapist. Melissa continues to grow and develop her skills and her business in order to be of service to clients, other professionals and to educate the general public about how to develop healthy relationships.
                                                       - Psychotherapist and Counsellor


Melissa is an impressive practitioner. She commits with unbridled enthusiasm and energy to further her studies and research for her chosen clients. She is a wife and mother with enough life experience to make her advice and methods 'real' yet she holds the deep integrity and spirit of working towards meaningful love for both individuals and couples.

It is always stimulating and inspiring to be in a learning environment beside Melissa. Her consistent appetite for questioning supports the learning as we are often guided to make other connections and integrate our experiences more fully. I appreciate her willingness and the preparation Melissa makes in her many media appearances and I can count on her integrity to portray the family and couple values so needed in our world today. 
                                                   - Neuroscience Strategist for Change                                                                                                                                   ______________________________

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