Working through the first Stage of a Relationship.

Falling in love is just the first stage of love and expecting to stay in this stage forever is not realistic. With maturity a relationship shifts from infatuation and that feeling of can’t sleep at night dizzy love to a settled sense of relationship security that offers a longer lasting sense of love.

Commonly people make the mistake of believing that when that dizzy feeling fades that love has faded with it and that the couple is no longer ‘in love’. Many people chase that first stage of love by starting a new relationship with someone else – a circular process that has no ending.

Acknowledging and understanding that this stage does fade can be a huge step in feeling “happy” in your relationship again.

The secret to long-term happiness is to work through this early stage of the relationship. You and your partner can move on to a relationship that offers more solidity and strong security by putting in some extra work.

Don’t just chase the kind of love we see in movies. Don’t move on to another partner to experience that “high”. It’s not sustainable.

Instead, stay and work through your own style of love and create your own “romantic chapter” under your own roof because despite the changing nature of our relationships, of course romance remains an important part of a relationship that deserves our attention.

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