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                   "What I believe in is very simple. Most of  us do better in healthy secure relationships. Part of my job is to help you find your way there."


Melissa Ferrari offers a wide range of individual and couples psychotherapy and counselling services in Penrith.

Melissa specialises in working with adults experiencing depression, anxiety, addictions, obsessive compulsive behaviours, food/eating related issues, parenting, relationships, separation, loss, trauma and trauma recovery, childhood issues, sex related issues, personality disorders, stress management, intimacy issues, life transitions, post natal depression and anger related issues. 

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love, life, relationships & transformation

Melissa Ferrari runs a Facebook page called Love, Life, Relationships & Transformation for those interested in issues to do with love, relationships, parenting, psychological wellness and happiness.

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Melissa also runs a Facebook page called Key To Love for those interested in love and finding a partner authentically and mindfully.   

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