Couples Intensive Retreat Australia


"After many years working as a couple therapist I have observed that people leave their relationships way before their time.  Quite often it is because a couple or one person in the couple feels that: 

•    Going to therapy every week is too much trouble
•    That we will be in therapy forever trying to “work things out”
•    That results won’t be quick enough - or simply “I don’t love you anymore so why bother!”
•    Couple therapy doesn’t work
•    We live in regional areas of Australia and don’t have a couple therapist locally. 
•    I don’t want to be seen attending couple therapy in my home city or town."  

Using proven methods, Melissa’s intensive couple therapy will get you where you need to go quickly and effectively without ongoing weekly therapy.  Even if you have decided to separate, with Melissa’s intensive couple therapy program, you can bring back passion, intimacy and aliveness to your relationship, so you can enjoy love once more and live the life you always wanted. 

Melissa’s Intensive therapy is open to couples from all over Australia.  In the privacy of her professional and roomy office, you and your partner will undergo a 3 day intensive therapy program - 5 hours per day of couple therapy. This can be an effective way to shift long-seated resentments and problems within your relationship. Many couples who commit to the process find this experience helps kick-start their relationship again without the pain and conflict that has been holding them back from love, intimacy and closeness for some time. It is also suitable for couples who find weekly sessions hard to schedule regularly due to work and commitments or want to work intensely focusing just on their relationship problem. The 3 Day Couple Intensive fee is for the couple therapy only. YES, you will work just you two and Melissa! There is a short questionnaire that would need to be answered on application for this couple intensive style of therapy to assess suitability. This program is equal to 6 X 3 hour sessions over months with Melissa who is one of Australia’s leading couple therapists. 

Trained in Canada, Australia and the U.S by Dr. Stan Tatkin, Melissa is a leader in the field of couple therapy and she knows what works and gets to the heart of issues within a few hours with couples who want to have a successful relationship and work on it with commitment and acceptance – helping couples to identify and clear issues that may have remained unresolved for years.

Combining your couple intensive with a romantic holiday weekend is possible by finding suitable accommodation here

Benefits of doing a Couple Intensive:  

  • Learn your attachment style in your relationship that gets played out, continuously causing disharmony and lack of closeness/intimacy
  • Break relationship and attachment styles to change how you relate to each other 
  • Deepen your connection and intimacy and help you better understand your partner  
  • Explore and change how you manage children, parents, relatives, money, an affair or infidelity etc... as a couple
  • Learn to read your partner’s nonverbal behaviour for success in your relationship
  • Form mutual agreements based on fairness, justice and sensitivity
  • Bring more aliveness and negotiation to your relationship
  • How to fight well and stay engaged together
  • Move toward secure-functioning with your partner
  • Create daily rituals that improve connection to help create a buffer for when tougher times strike
  • Learn the elements of how to create a "couple bubble"   
  • Address sex and sexuality issues

Dates still available for 3-day intensives are:

Friday 2nd March - Sunday 4th March - Spot filled

Friday 23rd March - Sunday 25th March 2018 - Spot filled 

Friday 6th April - Sunday 8th April

Friday 25th May - Sunday 27th May

Friday 20th July - Sunday 22nd July

Fee: $3250.00 (Including GST) - 20 hours of Melissa just focusing on your relationship only including short pre-questionnaire and follow up after the intensive. Weekday couple intensives available by appointment and other dates can be arranged with 4 weeks notice.   


A Couple Intensive can help remember why you came together in the first place and how to reconnect to how it once was for you both.

Couple Intensives are not advised if: 

  • Mental health or mental illness issues that has not been treated or being managed very carefully by a mental health professional that specialises in the problem reported
  • If either one or both of you have active drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • If there are any thoughts of suicide or history of self-harm that is unaddressed or any history of harming self or others that is undisclosed  
  • Episodes of psychosis whether drug or alcohol induced or not 
  • Severe Post Natal Depression that is not being treated 
  • If either party has concerns about their partner in the above areas – this will need to be discussed before the intensive

For further information, please contact Melissa Ferrari on (02) 4733 4094 or email