Couples Psychotherapy & Counselling - How I work.

The main focus of how I work with couples is using PACT which is a Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy. I will use this model, as well as others to help you overcome the difficulties you are experiencing in your relationship.

These sessions may require a two hours session at times but will replace you needing to attend therapy every week for an extended amount of time. This model is a modern approach to which was developed out of exciting, cutting-edge research in three areas.

- The first is neuroscience, the study of the human brain.

- The second is attachment theory, which explains the biological need to bond with others. 

- The third area is the biology of human arousal—meaning the moment-to-moment ability to manage one’s energy, alertness, and readiness to engage. 

This recent thinking and understanding allows for deeper understanding of Couple Therapy and therefore gets to the heart of a problem more quickly and works with the underlying issues in the "here and now". Couples who are keen to do the work in this model report that issues are understood more quickly in real time in the room with me as their couple therapist. This had made their time in couple therapy shorter. 


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