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"What I believe in is very simple. Most of us do better in healthy

secure relationships.
Part of my job is to help you find your way there."

Melissa Ferrari

why seek help

Do you and your partner keep fighting, often over the same issues? Is the lack of passion and intimacy a constant reminder of how far you have drifted apart? Do you feel lonely in your relationship? Couples counselling can help you reignite the love and passion, and teach you tools so you and your partner are better prepared for problems that may arise.

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about melissa

Melissa Ferrari is one of Australia’s most sought-after therapists with more than 20 years experience in couples counselling. She has helped thousands of individuals and couples resolve their problems, and showed them how to create and maintain connected relationships.

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Blue Mountains Couples Retreat

Next Scheduled 18 - 20 May 2018



Couples Intensives Retreat Sydney

3 Day Intensives
Various Dates Available

Melissa is one of Australia’s most sought-after therapists and is regularly called upon as a relationship expert in national media.